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Philippines is seeing flourishing of the business process outsourcing industry. In 2008 there was an increase in the outsourcing industry by approximately forty percent. In the same year there were about three hundred thousand people in the Philippines who are employed in BPO industries. Majority of them are in the call center business industry. However, there are varied services in this country ranging from contact service (call centers) to medical transcription and even to payroll outsourcing service.

Currently, the country remains second to India which leads BPO industries in the world in terms of employment volume. However, the world has now recognized the capability of Philippines in harnessing their labor force in this field. It is not a surprising thing. Although the country has not been recognized as a top country in technological fields, it is now assuming high place amongst other Asian nations in this IT-based field. Moreover it is in the midst of upgrading its IT-related education/training.

The strength of its professional force comes from the competent educational background of most Filipinos. In fact, the Philippine human resources have long been recognized around the world. Many Filipinos have been employed elsewhere in the world and many foreign countries are aware of the skills of these people in virtually all fields. It boils down to competent education. The Philippines has some of the fine universities and colleges. It produces valuable graduates that are not only theoretically equipped but are also deeply trained in their respective fields. Thus it is not surprising that there are lots of proficient IT graduates who immerse in the BPO industry not only because it is a popular option among fresh graduates but also because they can.

Filipinos are built to be flexible individuals who can accomplish virtually any tasks when properly trained. These days the government is funding short term courses which people of different age ranges can enroll in. It is not surprising that not everyone you find in the BPO industry have formal training in information technology or customer support; however, they are equipped with sufficient training that qualifies them in the field. For instance, there are short courses for call center training that last within weeks. The government also offers assistance to people who are interested to embark on this profession but have restricted financial capabilities. It is no wonder that the country currently sees an increasing number of graduates of technical/vocational courses that includes programming, web design, customer service, medical transcription etc. Such short/crash courses make people more qualified to work in related fields like call centers and BPO.

With the increasing need of countries like US, UK, and Canada to outsource business tasks, countries like China, India and Philippines can only respond to such need by harnessing their human resource to become more fitted to what the industry needs.

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